Switching fuels

Picture courtesy – Unsplash

While COVID 19 has wreaked havoc the world over, it has had one positive impact – improved air quality. This is a result of fewer vehicles on the road. But binging about a lasting impact requires greater wholescale changes.

Electric vehicles, solar energy, rainwater harvesting – these will bring about sustainable changes in the long run.

Of course, this entails a lot of reimagination.

If you’re planning to buy a vehicle, will you buy an electric one?

Are you willing to invest a few lakhs in solar energy, the benefits of which will add up over time?

When you are used to running on a particular kind of fuel for a while, switching becomes hard. The same also applies to life.

If you are driven by anger and a need to prove a point, it might serve you well for a while. It’s a question posed to heavy metal bands after they make it big- “you’re rich and famous. Is it hard to still be angry about things.” It’s a question worth pondering over.

Rage as fuel results in one kind of approach. Generosity as fuel results in a different approach.

If the fuel you’re running on is wearing you out, maybe it’s time to switch to a better one.

HT – Girish Shivkumar’s The Mission Shunya Podcast is a treasure house of content if you’re interested in making sustainable choices.

Published by Pawan

I am Pawan and I write daily (almost) about my observations and thoughts about work, career and how to find meaning in what we are doing. I began my career as an advertising copywriter but realized I enjoyed writing more and am reinventing myself as a UI writer and podcaster. I love cricket, South India food, running and yoga and hate office parties where I have to pretend to have fun. I dislike working in hard-charging toxic cultures where you have to play games and pretend to be very busy all the time. This has stemmed from a couple of bad work experiences. I have also been fortunate to have worked with and met some wonderful people along the way.

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